Happy Bay

As you drive your own Rhino Rider on a fast-paced boat trip along the coastline’s protected waters, your experienced guide will escort you to happy bay, one of the most beautiful and secluded of St. Martin’s beaches. Snorkel off the shore in pristine turquoise water, stroll on the powdery white sand, or just relax in the shade of a palm tree. No Caribbean holiday is complete without a beach getaway.

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Happy Bay
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TOUR ITINERARYHighlights Of Your Journey


Introduction and Safety Briefing

Upon your arrival at the Rhino HQ, you’ll be welcomed by our enthusiastic staff who will outfit you with the latest safety equipment and snorkeling gear, followed by a quick and entertaining operational briefing to provide you with all the information necessary to have a safe and enjoyable Caribbean adventure.

Once you’ve been assigned to your own user-friendly watercraft, our signature Rhino Rider, you will perform a few supervised test spins before following your guide out into the exotic waters of the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Fun orientation

The Adventure Begins, The Lagoon Crossing

As you follow your guide through the Caribbean's largest lagoon, you’ll maneuver safely between hundreds of boat anchorages, cruising alongside the mega yachts of the Rich and Famous. Check out luxury vessels owned by the likes of Donald Trump, Michael Kors, U2, the late Steve Jobs, and even catch a glimpse of the world’s top models sunbathing onboard Victoria Secret's "Limitless" mega yacht. As you take in these extravagant surroundings, jumbo jets will fly overhead, taking off from our iconic Princess Juliana International Airport and headed for the surrounding hills.

Make your way beneath the Dutch causeway, crossing St Martin’s international border, and exit under the French bridge into the clear, sparkling turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. Then proceed forward to discover the tropical bay of the French capital of Marigot.

Million dollar mega yachts

Zooming Through The French Side

The first site you will notice dominating Marigot’s skyline is Fort Louis perched on top of the hill, a French military fort built in 1789 in order to protect the warehouses of the city. At its feet is a marina that still carries the fort’s name, serving as a homeport for dozens of luxury sailboats and mega-yachts.

Further along in your St. Martin excursion is Gallis Bay, where the wrecked remains of an old steel cargo ship still lingers offshore, providing shelter to many species of Caribbean wildlife. Some days, you will also find the largest clipper sailboat in the world, the Stad Amsterdam, anchored in this bay. From there, hold on to your sunglasses and push the throttle to the max as you speed towards the next bay!


Paradise Found

As you skip and splash from bay to bay along the island’s coastline, you’ll be served panoramic views of the finest St. Martin beaches. Lover’s Beach, the smallest on the island, offers enough sand for just two souls on a same towel. Friars Bay, where locals party the night away during every full moon, also presents two locally-renowned reggae food shacks on its shore’s edge.

Gliding further on the crystalline water around the bay's corner appears Happy Bay, your beach destination. It is perhaps the most charming of all the island’s secluded beaches, featuring hills grazed by goats and shores lined with tall palm trees, making it the preferred spot for honeymooners. You will immediately understand why people don’t mind the treacherous hike it takes to get to this bay if they are not lucky enough to reach it by see like you did.

As you approach the powdery golden sand beach, you will feel as if you are entering into a postcard. As soon as you moor your Rhinos to the guide boat, you will immediately have the urge to jump into the transparent, crystalline water and swim to shore. Stroll the beach, lie under a palm tree, build a sandcastle, or even snorkel off the northern side off the hill's cliff during our tour’s 40 minute break. But most of all, fall in love with the magical appeal of Happy Bay.

Hidden paradise

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